Share Love, share life

Transforming Lives Through Education, Care, and Compassion

Share Love, share life

Transforming Lives Through Education, Care, and Compassion

A Place to Serve

Recurring Support

The Owiti Ebenezer Foundation's mission is to extend the love of God by nurturing abandoned children, supporting underprivileged youth, and empowering marginalized widows. Our vision is to create a society where every individual, regardless of their circumstances, experiences a sense of support, worth, and empowerment through authentic acts of care. The Owiti Ebenezer Foundation is dedicated to providing compassionate services, such as food, shelter, and education for children, while also offering transformative opportunities for widows.


Feeding Program

Please contribute today and join us in offering a meal to hundreds of children who are grappling with hunger. Your support is their lifeline, and together, we can make this season exceptionally meaningful and unforgettable. Through our partnerships, we work to close the gap in meeting their daily food needs, providing stability, and ensuring they receive the care and assurance they deserve.

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Education stands as a fundamental pillar of our foundation. We take immense pride in our support for two educational institutions: the Ebenezer Life Center, encompassing grades K-12 at Ayewyo, and the children's home within the Ebenezer Life Center. Thanks to your generous contributions, we extend subsidies for college tuition to the students sponsored by our foundation, facilitating their journey toward higher education. Your donation plays a crucial role in making tuition free for the children residing in our home who attend these educational institutions.


Within the city streets of Kisumu, Kenya, there exist children and teenagers who are without shelter, facing vulnerability to substance abuse and the harrowing risks of sex trafficking. We wholeheartedly endorse the mission of the Ebenezer Life Center, which is dedicated to providing essential support. This support includes substance abuse recovery programs and vocational training aimed at the rehabilitation of these vulnerable children and teenagers.